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Get What You Need in a Dash

Amazon announced an expansion of its Dash replenishment system this week, forming partnerships with manufacturers of printers to pet food dispensers.  Dash buttons were launched last year to much attention, but the real star of the show is just emerging, Dash Replenishment Services (DRS). Designed to integrate with smart, connected devices, DRS will automatically order…

UPC Alternative? Digital Watermarks

The UPC is getting a makeover.  Digimarc Corp. has partnered with GS1, the company that oversees UPCs, to bring unique digital identifiers to product packaging.  Currently used on everything from driver’s licenses to money, digital watermarks are expected to save time in the supply chain and in retail.   This is because digital watermarks are…

Campbell’s Will Disclose GMO’s

Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison announced this week that her company will identify the presence of genetically engineered ingredients in its products. This decision was brought about by Vermont’s legislation requiring such disclose. As no federal standard yet exists, Campbell’s is preparing to label all of it’s affected products before Vermont’s law takes effect in July….