Warehousing & Fulfillment

warehousing-resizeHow many things do you own from the 1950’s?

Chances are, your supply chain is one of them. Our nation’s supply chain was founded in the 1950’s, with product bouncing from plant to mixing centers to retailers’ DCs before reaching store shelves. This may have been the best option once, but with consumer demands outpacing the speed of the old-fashioned supply chain, a new model is necessary.

A collaborative model delivers the quality and speed of service modern consumers demand. ES3 is ten years ahead of an industry only beginning to see the benefits of collaboration, and we have perfected the model through our years of experience, eliminating an entire leg of the supply chain in the process. Not only does product move faster, with average order-to-delivery cycles of 24 hours, it costs less per case. Truckload rates are reduced, as are assessorials.

Creating savings through space

Not only does ES3’s model reduce transportation and delivery costs, it also reduces warehouse spend. Our collaborative facility flexes with you as you build and reduce inventory based on your individual seasonality.

No individual manufacturers’ warehouse is ever the right size. There are peaks and lows where product builds in anticipation of the busy seasons, and times when product sells through accordingly. What size warehouse is the right fit? Do you build a facility to accommodate your volume at its peak, creating wasted space most of the year? Or do you build a smaller facility and pay for outside storage during busy seasons? With ES3, you never have to worry about filling your warehouse perfectly; we flex with you. Only pay for the space you need with ES3 and always be at your fullest potential.

Plus, using ES3’s distribution center keeps brick and mortar off the balance sheet, allowing companies to be more flexible. With the recent trend of consolidation in the food industry, outsourcing your supply chain gives you the freedom to make acquisitions or divestitures without worrying about assets. ES3 can flex in size with you, creating better utilization of your dollars, and generating significant savings.