Faster Delivery, For Less

LTL pooling seems like a great idea to the uninitiated. It’s better than shipping solo for smaller players and loads, and it helps move trucks faster to replenish stores and distribution centers. With the proliferation of specialty items, smaller orders have become the norm, making it more difficult to fill a truck. However, even with LTL pooling a truck can never truly be filled, as orders are combined after they are placed, leaving missed opportunities to fully cube or weigh out. Even worse, the current trucking capacity shortage means that these un-optimized trucks are stealing valuable capacity.

ES3 has two programs which successfully combat this shortage of supply. Our Consolidation program takes a revolutionary approach to filling trucks: we start with the retailer. Retailers on our Consolidation program place orders across more than 60 manufacturers, and build truckload orders for delivery in 24 to 48 hours. Not only does the truck leave cubed out and weighed out, but it shows up a lot faster. ES3’s D2S program goes one step further, delivering directly to stores in 12 to 24 hours, splitting the cubed out and weighed out truckload between two and three stores. Stop spending extra time and money on your transportation, and give us a call!