Samsung’s Smart Refrigerator Wants to Order Your Groceries

Your tablet just just got a lot bigger. Samsung unveiled it’s newest Smart Refrigerator, and the right refrigerator door is composed of a giant Gorilla Glass screen. The touchscreen panel is 21.5 inches and integrates with several apps and services, such as Pandora and Instacart. MasterCard and ShopRite have also collaborated with Samsung to provide grocery shopping abilities and easy payment. The fridge even comes with cameras embedded in the door to take pictures of the inside of the fridge each time the door is shut. With the fridge’s app, you can pull up images of the inside of your fridge when you’re at the grocery store. For instance, if you forgot to add eggs to your list and are debating if you need them, you can pull up the most recent picture.

Samsung’s fridge also integrates with its line of TVs, enabling the user to mirror the feed of the TV on the door of the fridge. The appliance is expected to go on sale in the US in May, and is expected to retail for about $5,000. Before smart fridges hit a broader price-point, retailers and manufacturers alike need to design a strategy to retain and grow their customer base. Automatic replenishment entrenches consumers with certain brands, making acquiring customers away from your competitor a much harder task. The gauntlet is thrown and the clock is ticking. Until next year, CES!