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Walmart’s Free Pickup Service Continues to Grow


Startups, retailers, and grocery giants alike, everyone is taking a stab at entering the realm of delivery to bring their products to the consumer rather than enticing the customers into the store. Product delivery as a market, specifically groceries, has grown immensely over the last few years. Amazon, Google, Instacart, Postmates, Shipt, Relay Foods, Peapod,…

Walmart’s New Subscription Service

Walmart has rolled out a new loyalty program that offers unlimited free, 3-day shipping on 1 million top-selling products for $50 annually.  Positioned as a value-alternative to Prime, Amazon’s free 2-day shipping program which costs $99/year, Walmart does not offer any of the perks associated with Prime membership (video streaming, book lending library, etc.).  Additionally…

New Strategies to Build Brand Loyalty

Ever purchased something only to see it at a cheaper price in a different store? Walmart’s decided to help its shoppers get rid of that  awful feeling with its new Savings Catcher service.  The service analyzes the price paid for each item at Walmart, and compares it to the listed prices at local competitor stores….

Walmart Expanding Pick-up Locations

Americans were the first to establish the “drive-thru” culture, so it’s only fitting that this model is finally expanding to the US grocery industry.  Thus far, most retailers have attached pick-up locations to actual stores (except in the case of drive-thru only retailers), or built them in convenient locations. Walmart has begun testing this concept…