ES3/Heinz Partnership Ranks for Best Supply Chain Management in Kantar Retail’s 2011 Power Ranking

Keene, NH: December 22, 2011

The ES3 and Heinz partnership was recognized in Kantar Retail’s 2011 Power Ranking as an outstanding example of supply chain management. Based on polling of over 400 manufacturers and retailer respondents, ES3/Heinz and Coca-Cola were the two companies of note in 2011 for excellence in supply chain management.* Coca-Cola was the board leader with a 4.1 point increase versus 2010, closely followed by Heinz with a 4 point increase in ranking versus 2010.

ES3’s expertise in supply chain innovation allows Heinz to take a holistic approach to improving the supply chain. By leveraging ES3’s capabilities, Heinz was able to reduce its supply chain costs and increase service to retailers. 

“Heinz’s improvement in supply chain is remarkable,” stated retailer comments. “They have gone from being an also-ran to a top tier company.”

*Kantor Retail asked respondents to rank companies by competency in key areas. Results show the percent of respondents who rank the company among the top three.

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